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Pronounced may-mee is Howard's eleven year old daughter.
I knew Mamie Rheingold was unique when I saw a picture of her performing at the Cobra Lounge, before she was ten.

I knew she was really something when she sang, unrepentantly, for a window shaking seven minute car ride.

Howard is a Cancer, his wife Judy a Pisces. They birthed Mamie, a Scorpio. I have never met a family thus aligned - all three of them are water signs. Water signs tend to relate to the underlying, both in terms of realizing it, and being ruled by it.

Of the three signs, Scorpio is generally considered the most intense. They are ruled by the deepest passions, subtleties most of us are not privvy to.

I'm wondering what will happen when Mamie is a teenager and she really gets angry with her parents.

The flipside of this are her hourly reminders, I love you Mommy. I love you Daddy. Out of nowhere, not even asking for anything.

Howard is quite gracious in return. A few times a day, Hi Daddy, Hi Button, he grabs her, showers her head with kisses, and calls her his dolly bird.

Howard is Jewish, so I expected Mamie was studying Hebrew and Torah, to be Batz Mitzvahed. This ritual of passing skipped Howard, leaving him disconnected, so instead his daughter is learning karate, useful to a young woman these days - discipline, self-defense.

I remember asking Mamie what she wanted to do when she grew up - she rattled off about six things, including architechure, singing, and writing.

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