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Will Kreth

Will was responsible for, which meant sifting through hundreds of messages everyday. He was called the Online Ambassador for a reason, he's an expert shmoozer - the HotTalkShowHost.
You couldn't miss him at Wired. He was the first employee, usually had a desk in the corner somewhere, the tall guy with big hands, horn rimmed glasses, and a perpetual baseball cap.

In his ambassor role, he was responsible for maintaining the Wired booths at trade shows in the early days. Hence he was the first person I met from Wired, when I was trying to get a job with the magazine.

Since I was an editorial assistant, my desk was always near his. This meant being privvy to Will's daily transmissions from planet kitsch, as well as the endless flow of cyberpoopscoop.

Will is a extremely well versed in modern culture. He can reel off musicians and albums, complete with sound effects and snappy comments, flourished with his sideways grin and overhand tah-dah hand gestures. Television and movies, the same deal - it seems like he's been plugged in to cableTV since the seventies.

Some of his cynicism is infective; I used to listen to a lot of gangster rap until he did a one line parody. Fortunately, he wasn't able to talk me too far down off Jane's Addiction. He did introduce me to Esquival, for which I will never forgive him. He's in touch with a lot of wonderful, obscure stuff.

Will's got a great knack for gab. Trying to translate that to text was less forthcoming. During my stay at Wired, he worked on an Interactive Multimedia Gulch Map, which spotlights Will's flare for the one-liner.

He left HotWired after I did for Prodigy, New York, then Maine and marriage. Congratulations!

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