I want to get my partner a ring that symbolizes connection, grounding and commitment. But I didn't want to bling up her finger, especially after reading about the invention of diamonds as a mating object. She's a woman with strong passions for our natural environment and our human social fabric, so I thought I would be better off to get her something more obviously of the earth, more unique as she is, and maybe funny, attractive and cute as she is to me.

So I thought it would be fun to get a rock ring. A ring with a pebble in it. "Nice rock!" I can imagine saying, and meaning it. As I picture it, a plain, matte, tiny, round, gray pebble, in a band of rose gold. Rose gold suits my lady's skintone and taste best. A pebble would be a nice ethical ring she would be comfortable wearing; I've checked with her.

I've read some about the hardness of various stones and gems and things. I'm not sure how gold + pebble would get along; hopefully they could hold up for many years!

Here's a crude sketch envisioning such a ring:

rock ring mockup

And here's the final result, from Christine Guibara:

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