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Mumia Abu-Jamal

Persecution in Philly

Since Swarthmore is in Philly, I have been hearing about Mumia Abu-Jamal for many months now. I looked into his case after I saw spraypainted on a Philly slum wall, "If Mumia burns, Philly burns."

Mumia Abu-Jamal

To be executed August 17, 1995
Mumia first became involved with Black Nationalism when he was 14, as a founding member of the the Black Panther Party in Philly. During the seventies and eighties, he wrote extensively to uncover brutaility and corruption by city officials.

In 1981, driving his taxi, he interrupted a cop beating his brother. A struggle ensued, Mumia and the cop were both shot, the cop fatally.

Before, during, and after this event, police displayed extreme animosity and prejudice towards this rabble-rousing author. There is no doubt they have it in for this guy.

He tells a powerful, important story, after the anti-system rhetoric. Extremely compelling.

The more I read about him, and after spending my own time in jail, I'm inclined to believe he is being unjustly held. They should at least allow him another trial, with a different judge, a different jury.

This is my problem with the death penalty - how can we sleep knowing an innocent man might be executed by our government for his political beliefs?


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