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lewising amy mediates

dating her makes me do stuff different, stuff for her,
in some ways it's grown harder to update my web site since thoughts that i want to share i just open an email and send them to amy. if i wrote them for my web site, it wouldn't be personally addressed to her, and it wouldn't contain our context/conversation.

at the same time, i think my aesthetic sense has expanded with her - more conscious use of colour on these pages. we built her a 5 bulb hanging chinese lantern setup (after watching the pillow book).

is media just deferred sexuality? she is excitable, and so am i with her, i have an outlet so make less media.

she sometimes seems to be set off by my spark. during the spring of 1997, she sent me a homemade postcard a week. i wrote about them in a design paper. we talk a lot about projects to do when we can live together (besides babies, we talk about those too). fortunately, we manage to do some projects in the moment, despite our geographic disparity. we send each other a notebook back and forth and write nasty things about each other's habits inside. and poetry and stuff.

above is a picture of her taking a picture of a guy taking a picture of me for details magazine. then she went to work with him sometimes. he's a nice guy. another pisces. he might move to new york. michael lewis.