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Amy Page

25 July 2000

living together is comprised of four things
foremost fun
then stuff
then dishes

amy's found a room of her own
it's her own
with our friend Sloth

i'd rather live here
where we moved together
trees and a creek
the illusion of country
"this place makes you feel like curling up to read a book"

she's moving into industry
artists and car wreckers
long trucks and concrete floors
"we're going to have a screening room"

here comes the bachelor life for me and Fernando
late nights of cat food and soul food
i'll miss my wimmin folk
i'll have to make appointments to be social
and talk to someone
besides at work

we're only ten minutes away
but the daily wakeup won't be softskin
and deep smells
it'll be late nights of Gamers and gaming and beer

maybe I'll write a book
she'll make art and show film
we'll each progress in our work
and we'll visit for still the best sex