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Jennifer Roberts

gaze Red tinged brown curls cascade down from a square jawed head, a priestess topknot. She, if anyone, is a good witch. She exudes a personal power, womanly warmth that is truly ethereal. Just being in her presence is moving.

She is one of Howard's favourite people. He introduced us.

She's a mid-30s watercolour teacher at a school in San Francisco. We mat while I was still at Wired, and developed a fast friendship.

At first we communed over astrology, but I found her wisdom extended to so many areas of life.

Sometimes I feel like I'm supposed to want this woman, because she has such a feminine draw. I feel too comfortable with her to let sex get in the way of a good friendship.

Me, Howard, Jennifer with her eyes open
Photo: Glenn
She's quick to empathy. A day with her is constantly relieving.

Whenever I ask her for something, a drink, use of the phone, a hair tie, she says "what's mine is yours" and she means it.

She paints sweeping, teeming jungle watercolour scenes. It was at an art opening of hers that I met Nadia.

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