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Maritza I sighted while strolling through the 1994 Castro street Holloween madness. She was sitting on top of a Newspaper stand, people watching. I saw her, and stood there until we made eye contact. I approached the newsstand, and was invited up by her friend. The three of us sat there for over an hour, watching the crowds and talking.

Maritza had some greek in her. She was a student at San Francisco State University, I believe. A strong jaw, dark eyes, dark hair, and a fringy-grungy style - she was high on crystal, and had done some exotic dancing, icing on a moist dark cake I wanted a slice.

maritza (11/1/94)

to have seen
your eyes
across ten crowds
seated black
on a small roof

thank you
for making conversation
with your black pools

astrology falls from
one's tongue
and pisces scorpio saggittarian energy
in eyes commuted
runs wild
and love.

You could not
have touched me

To say
I love you
was the most wrong thing
to look for
and the best thing
to have.

How can I trust you
exotic dancing
in your eyes
and that strong face!

When I watch you
return to your world
I am struck
to remember
your fond hug
your bold emoting
who left me behind?
when will we be one?

You knew,
as did I
there was
much lost time
to be made up for.

alive and awake (11/1/94)
nothing is left
but night-clad
sense impressions
you touched
my leg,
cheek, hand
and smile
I remember these.

at the end of the day
when we turn
to our products
we can help
that we came from unhappiness
to search this green pasture

last night,
i found
a greener one
to return again
keeps me alive
and awake.

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