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Fear and Loathing and Phyllis Schlafly

phyllis schlafly, famous rightist spokeswoman for anti-ERA recalcitrants came to swarthmore november 1993, my freshman year.

swarthmore is a super-liberal place, but the conservatives that year were active and well endowed. we saw her and ed meese in a conservative double header.

She spoke plainly about women in America as the "most priviledged race of creatures on the planet" because they have the best kitchens, the nicest men, the most spending power, and the most choices in life. She pishawed sexual harassement in the workplace, and talked grandly of the power of men, especially conservative ones, to lead the world onward to Christian glory. She spoke as a woman who has never experienced bad men in her life. Regardless of how short-sighted and narrow she was, she did carry herself very well, with poise, clarity of vision, and a sort of honest frankness belied only by the twisted half-truths, and unacknowledged complexity of the issues she was generalizing about. the signing
here we are together, sigh.

She spoke as a woman who has never experienced bad men in her life.

she signed my copy of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, by the honourable Doctor Hunter S. Thompson.

fear and loathing and phyllis schlafly

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