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chappell - 157

1735 John Peter Zenger "seditious libels" in Colonies

158 - first serial , robinson carusoe

paper making machine - 1806 - page 176
here's where technology plays a huge role, time-local participants were of this aware:
"On the 29th November, 1814, John Walker, director of The Times, one of the first of the large circulation newspapers, showed printers who were preparing to start work on hand presses the forthcoming issue of his newspaper, printed overnight on a mechanised press adapted for commercial use. It was with some pride that he wrote in that issue of the newspaper, 'Our paper today presents to the public the practical results of the greatest advsance in printing since is invention.' He added, 'In one hour no less than 1100 sheets can be printed'."
- Febvre, page 68 (emphasis mine)
- cappell, page 174, drastically increased the volume and spread of newspapers
role of advertisers - page 175

paeg 192 - linotype machine, type becomes disposable

195 - magazines

199 - rise of us press

227 - modern stuff mags/papes etc

228 - slammer

post WWII shortage 233

tech drowning of independents: 238, pre desktop publishing era


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