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linguistics 14:
history of the english language

14. History of the English Language.

A study of the origins and development of English--sound, syntax, and meaning. Topics may include writing and speech, a history of morphology, the changing phonology from Old to Middle English, Shakespeare's puns and wordplay, a history of sounds and spellings, modern coinages and creoles. We range from Chaucer to Chomsky. This course may be taken without the usual prerequisite course; however, it may not serve in the place of a prerequisite for other advanced courses. Cross-listed as Linguistics 14.

Spring 1998. Williamson.

24 february, 1998: a pair of riddles inspired by the old english model so enjoyed by our professor:

solitary riddle and companions riddle

16 april, 1998: our professor asked for us to search synonyms or euphamisms; taboo phrases for body parts or body functions. i originally intended to do masturbation, and found euphamisms for female masturbation to be noticeably absent from popular consciousness (ie, the first three swatties i asked) so i focused my efforts on the vaginal sex.

18 may, 1998: an epic poem: the wyrd of wired and analysis thereof. when i first was exposed to the genre, i wanted to write an old english type epic poem about the history of the web. the notion of "hero" gave me some trubble, so i chose epic wired magazine instead.

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