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Soc & Anth 72: Shamanism

From New Age sweat lodges to Soviet Siberia, shamanic spirit mediums have been construed as everything from healers to magistrates to visionaries to political subversives. This course explores anthropological literature on shamanism in the United States, Russia, and South America in order to ask ourselves how we constitute and appropriate the exotic.
Spring semester. Grant.

Swarthmore Spring 1996 learning with Bruce Grant - Brief weekly papers, written in response to the assigned readings:

flaming 28 January, 1996: flaming arrow speaks
levi-strauss 4 February 1996: levi-strauss
healin' 12 February 1996: spiritchul healin'
19 February 1996: orientation
Harner 26 February 1996: way
journey 26 February 1996: journey
4 march 1996: time and the other
scan me 18 march 1996: natty
25 march 1996: tau.terror
1 april 1996: tau.heal
help! 8 april 1996: new age
8 april 1996: mimesis
twinkie research 15 april 1996: alterity
22 april 1996: technological shamanism
neo geo!22 april 1996: neo geo

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