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1997 September 20

Ed Rush some jungle stuff
Johnny Cash Oh Bury Me Not
Bill Withers Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone
Primus (Sail the) Seas of cheese
Vaneglis Blade Runner Theme
Sister OM Terrell Swing Low
Last Poets Mean Machine
Jane's Addiction City
James P. Johnson The Dream
Duke Ellington Caravan
Fela Anikulapo-Kuti Zombie
Talking Heads Warning Sign
Willie McTell Statesboro Blues
Harmonizing Four Motherless Child
Pixies Tony's Theme
Wu Tang Clan Method Man
Thelonious Monk w/ Coltrane Trinkle Tinkle
Swan Silvertones Love Lifted Me
Roosevelt Sykes Dresser Drawers
Etta James Tell Mama
Stevie Wonder Reggae Woman
Abstract some jungle stuff
Grateful Dead Serenghetti
Beastie Boys/Hillary Dresser Car Thief
Joe McCarthy Communists
Iranian Classical
Allen Ginsberg Pacific
P.J. Harvey Rid of Me
Frank Zappa Cruising for Burgers
Jane's Addiction Ted, Just Admit It
Langston Hughes A Negro Speaks of Rivers
John Coltrane Locomotion
Brazilian Stuff from Alex Shaw

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