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1998 february 8

in honour of tom who doesn't have any music and loves christ a real lot, and amy, who likes gospel too, and in mind this guy alex at red herring who asked me for some information on gospel music, i recorded this show as a gospel favourites session.

unfortunately for those people, my voice is louder than the music, which is kinda soft! so you have the radio turned up loud to enjoy the music and then i bellow quickly in your ear. sorry!

ethan was on hand to argue the integrity of playing music of a faith by which i don't abide, including debate over whether or not some fun is being made by me of these folk and their methods.

jess stacey world's waiting
andre crouch i got jesus
soul stirrers jesus i'll never forget
swan silvertones mary don't you weep
the caravans walk around heaven all day
little richard just a closer walk with thee
harmonizing four motherless child
golden gate jubilee quartet jezebel
washington phillips what are they doing in heaven today
sister o m terrell bible's right
leadbelly let it shine on me
josh white jesus goin' make up my dying bed
blind willie johnson mother's children have a hard time
paul robeson everytime i feel the spirit
keaton sextette jubilee
blue chips stay on the right side
humbard family what a wonderful feeling
(tape flips during that song above)
arizona dranes he is my story
reverend robert wilkins glory glory hallelujah
leonard de paur infantry chorus in that gettin' up morning
abyssinian baptist gospel choir said i wasn't goin' tell nobody
edwin hawkins oh happy day (live)
mahalia jackson god put a rainbow in the sky
christland singers sell out to the master
elder charlie beck drinking shine
langston hughes three or four gospel poems
swan silvertones my rock
morgan babb pray for me
norfolk jubilee quartet standing by the bedside of a neighbor
golden gate jubilee quartet sun didn't shine
josh white when the blood runs
edwin hawkins oh happy day
i didn't have two good gospel cds - reverend gary davis (i would have played his "my father is a husbandman" and early gospel greats.

the live version of oh happy day sounded dubious - the faith kick that made the original version i had so great was sadly missing. it was performed live at "the bitter end" a nightclub in new york, so maybe that had something to do with it.

i drew heavily from "jubilation" a gospel collection, and "preachin' the gospel: holy blues" the gospel CD from the columbia roots and blues series, the columbia two disc gospel album, and the roots and the branches, an early gospel collection. many of my favourite artists above are difficult to find on CD or find at all outside of a collection. at least i've been lookin' and haven't found nothin'!

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