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President Al Bloom saying "Welcome to Swarthmore".

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Student Web Publishers

Learn Web publishing at Swarthmore

  1. Read the Phoenix online.
  2. The Swarthmore College Computer Society's Home Page, running on Condor, the new used student server. This group directs the spirit of computing here at Swarthmore. Someday, we may even have active female members!
  3. Other Swarthmore students have their own home pages - a pretty good list, considering how darn small we are. And it's doubling in size every couple weeks! Rah! Activism!
  4. I have begun collecting Public Safety Awareness Bulletins online - a fascinating look at the bizarre and scary bubble-bursting incidents of agression perpetrated against Swarthmore College community members.
  5. Take a look at a Campus Tour Page that Geoff Noer and I put together in 1994.
  6. To get a sense for the institutional view of the web here, check out the official Swarthmore College WWW server. A few of the departments have migrated online, with more developments weekly!
  7. The radio station here WSRN, has a home page. I have a radio show, called the e l e c t r i c e c l e c t i c
  8. There is Swarthmore's Gopher link
  9. A listing of all of the local Swarthmore newsgroups
  10. You can find the e-mail address of anyone here (Mosaic Users will have to use the search window in the upper right hand corner of your main Mosaic window).
  11. The Geometry Forum Server

Extra-Swarthmore Links

s e p t a

Looking to leave? Septa (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority) commuter rail information, like schedules, is availble. Ours is the R3-Elwyn Line.
  • I have the worst ice storm here in decades to thank for learning HyperText! (Note: Philadelphia's January Ice Storm is not my creation. And neither is its follow up page, more snow in Philadelphia, as of January 26th). They were crafted by Ranjit Bhatnagar - at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • So is the local weather forecast.
  • If you'd like to go out to hear some music, try the Wilma listings for Pennsylvania. Try JazzClubs.

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