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two fisted features

an effort to bring more base entertainment to the swarthmore campus.

the idea came to me watching patton, but especially, when we were kings,

great, visceral violent movies - dramatic, aggreesive, bizarre.

probably male as well.

people here don't get riled up enough, so here's some riling media.

sometimes we arm wrestle:

arm wrestlin'
sean peterson and wil kello arm wrestle as ben and fred bush look on; halley arbitrates. photo by justin

accordingly, wilson, duncan, and occasionally ben,

two fisted features with

proper ganda, inc.
gonuts entertainment
and hurt locker productions,


dec 9: faster pussycat, kill! kill!

first two fisted feature; russ meyer's classic epic of violent women in the desert. too many swatties hadn't seen it!

jan 28: jerry springer: too hot for tv!

best attended two fisted feature, presented by duncan go nuts entertainment. two showings were full and hooting!

feb 4: ninja scroll: jubei | zakuro

poetic samurai-era japanese animation. the violence of love, war, and the eight demons.

feb 11: when we were kings

absolutely inspiring documentary on muhammed ali's return to boxing against george foreman in zaire in the seventies. live soundtrack provided by bb king and james brown! commentary by george plimpton and norman mailer.
feb 18: the streetfighter

in conjunction with sean peterson, two fisted features presents sonny chiba's absolutely two fisted masterpiece. the streetfighter has more seventies-era fake blood than any movie we've shown. the best facial expressions! testicle ripping!

feb 25: the legend of fong sai yuk

excellent comedy of chinese manners and unbelievable kung fu - a swarthmore track team favourite! jet li stars, features the fight on the heads of a crowd!

mar 4: the warriors

slightly slow but historically important american film based on a greek myth - a wrongfully accused gang, the warriors, must make their way from queens to coney island, by subway. every gang in the city is after them, and every gang is a different trip. warriors, come out and play-ye!

mar 18: hard boiled

english professor peter schmidt showed up for this john woo/chow yun fat classic. ultraviolent, super stylized tale of the arms trading gangster underworld. severe human/projectile/explosion choreography make this an all time must-see.

mar 25: drunken master II

the most well attended next to jerry springer! the more complex of jackie chan's drunken master series involves british people and espionage, and some excellent drunken martial arts. no sam seed, but some industrial grade alcohol.

apr 1: man bites dog (coming soon to a theatre near you)

french documentary-style black and white - a film crew follows a charismatic professional serial killer and poet. extreme death and hilarious humour. almost over the top of two fisted features. almost left us quiet! cinemah! cinemah!

apr 8: swordsman 2

essence absorbing stance! jet li sings his way through some fantastic ninja action as a happy go lucky womanizing swordsman. wait, was that a woman?

apr 15: iron monkey

good plot and great martial arts - slightly fantastic in stylization - chinese robin hood tale told with excellent kung fu.

apr 22: deathrace 2000

b movie king roger corman presents david carradine and sylvester stallone in a roadrace across totalitarian future amerika - kill the pedestrians for points!

escape to/from catatonia - steve speer, wicked city opening, sonny chiba's killing machine scissors sequence, home made when we were kings preview.

future features:

john woo: a better tomorrow, the killer (too depressing)
hong kong kung fu action: iron monkey, lone wolf, yojimbo, tai chi master
takeshi kitano's violent cop has been hard to find in this area
also, american two fisted films, like die hard, they are hard to find - they're either overplayed, or underfisted.

mad max, die hard (played out), temple of doom, deathrace 2000, evil dead/army of darkness, dawn of the dead, robocop, patton, more jerry springer

with shorts from steve spear's escape to/from catatonia and ogenki clinic.

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