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why swarthmore? why? why?

my mom sent me on a college tour
end of my junior year in high school

I visited my brother at Amherst

white bread.

I stopped by

flakey bard; drugs jane's addiction and trees
lukewarm vassar with a beautiful library
distractingly deviant reed
peculiar new college

I visited swarthmore,
stayed with a friend from high school,
Mike Murphy
in his off campus apartment.

He was living with a german/philosophy/cultural studies major

Joe Razza
intensely thoughtful guy
with a large patch of long little dreads
from DC

I spent three days at Swarthmore,

never saw the inside of a dorm,
never ate a meal in the cafeteria
I went to one class
microeconomics, a bit over my head
I think I raised my hand only once.

I spent most of the time in the apartment

talking with Joe
he seemed the smartest guy I'd ever met
brains and passion
and patience
he persistently prodded my politics

what did community service mean?
whose community was I serving?

I had great intentions
but I wasn't watching my step

Mike told me later
that guy could have gone to school anywhere
I damn well believed it.

that mutherfucker chose swarthmore
he was the most intense mind I'd met in years

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