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God bless you Chester you belong in a dresser with Dresser-Rand
and a coke bottle in your hand or your ass
you perverted fuck, fluids
unctuous emanations that
perversely stimulate your romantic intimations.
Intimations Ode
Mortality, and you, Chester
Young immortal wisp
of the willow
Itty Bitty Immortalitty in the academic perch
cliffs of books
promontories of allegory and
You hacking away at your ninety-nine million page narrative:
Me: Melior means better in Latin
one ameliorates
Chester and Me, the true story
The live uncensored footage you've been waiting to see
What about nature boy in his cyber-jungle?
The call of the wild is not quite right for you Chester
Jack London would Wolf down gigabytes
In an arctic laptop snow drop:
Chester in the snow.
I can imagine scenario after scenario
Chester trudging through the desert withouten a drop to drynke;
Chester and his brother, sibling tycoons of the information age;
Suited and booted and ready to ride.
Chester in a hang glider; Chester on parade;
Chester Faber;Chester Locutor. You talk and make
You make much of your talking and
You talk much of your making
Dig a ditch of discourse
Pocket full of rye.
Rye whiskey, Husks of rye bread, or wry wit?
Your witticisms are banal.
You are a vulgarian.
Chester is a Me - it is an "I" story.
I did and it's done, I'm number one
You need a coffee mug which reads 'I'm number One'
Only you never drink coffee.
A Chester is a type of human few have ever seen
Writhing like a python before a glowing screen
A shallow pit of serpents composed of ordered ones and ohs
A slender lad in with dingy plaid and grandad's cords for clothes.
7 iambs is two too many
Maybe it's right that I can't confine you to ten-syllable lines
"If getting grades were all there was to school..."
- ' - ' - ' - ' - '
Fuck this.

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