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6:End part:

Quills and pills.
Eat them and choke.
Not more frightful than the fretful porpentine
Is the bristling Chester
Adorned in thorns of anecdotes
Quotes and sound bytes, one and all
A formidable hall in pale pall
A corridor of masterworks
And still-born myoclonic jerks
Tiptoeing down this maddeningly palladic
Conduit palliates most.
At the end there is a chamber, all clad in quills
And pointing outward to the thrills
outlined in technicolor
On the walls of the terminal walk
Behind the pastiche of personality
And padlocks and cerebral cerberi
Is the guy
to know.
(a man must be more than the sum total of what he produces)
Outward outward ever outward! Inward to the innards!


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