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Skelleggin' Ireland

Bantry by the Bay

County Cork, Ireland

Bantry Bantry by the bay is in southwestern Ireland, on Bantry Bay. No more than 3000 people live in the town itself, which makes it large enough to be a small tourist stopover. There's not much temporary lodging, and no youth hostel, so staying any longer requires a more permanent place.

People lead quiet lives there, only in a consumer sense. Otherwise, I found most of the folks in the town would run your ear off, given a half a chance. The Anchor was a great place for this, listening to folks like Bill O'Donnell and Patty.

There is a large mansion on the outskirts of town, Bantry House. It is a tourist stop, as well as a dwelling. I spent four hours in the library there looking through the books, some over 400 years old.

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