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Japan: Sex Club Workers from the Ukraine

It's nearly always remarkable to see a foreigner in Japan, especially on the subway, especially when they are 6 foot tall, with long blonde hair, wearing colored sunglasses and all sorts of bangles and bracelets.

I asked her if she spoke english, she did. She was kinda busy swearing at her mobile phone, and at the train - turns out she was running late for an appointment (best to blame a very efficient subway system). She was from the Ukraine, on a visa for a modelling contract. The contract was about to expire next week, meanwhile she'd take up working in a club and she wanted to stay. She didn't want to return to her country.

What kind of club?

She lowered her eyes at me - a strip club.

How old are you?


We were at my stop so I had to get off - she agreed to have her picture taken by me.

Later, having dinner with Howard's friend Adam, he explained that this kind of thing was common - young women come over on modelling contracts, stay after the contracts expire, and end up working in the Tokyo sex industry. Sigh. Perhaps it beats the Ukraine.


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