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scandinavian toilets and urinals!

Scandinavian toilets are just different enough to be strikingly weird. The bowl shaft is longer and narrower than that of american pottery;
not that the nordic toilets are taller, but the base porcelain allows a greater distance for doo drop.

The net effect, corroborated by at least two swedes, is that often shits will splash. Svante says that's cuz I'm an amateur, but I don't think one should have to wiggle and target the output of one's arse to hit the slopes and not the deadly dampening depths below.

toilet Why, in a country of remarkable design articulation is the speech of the sphincter so poorly protected? Svante says these toilets use a far more environmentally friendly amount of water; it's true that americans like to flush big. But I wonder if the intended function of the deep drop isn't to distance our bodies from the product of our consumption. Witness Svante's horror when i proposed that the same water conserving toilets be constructed shallower to avoid ass-wetting: "oh no, then I'd be bathing in shit!".

So what some swedes do to avoid being splashed is lay a bed of toilet paper in the water before they move bowels. This may keep a butt dry, but it's just a waste of different resources!

Toilet Rocker Switch The best eco-toilet technology hands down i saw on my return to Sweden in march '98: the toilet tank top had a rocker switch, with a full darkened circle on one side, a darkened half-circle on the other. The function was clear, regardless of language - this was an interactive toilet according to excretion: rinse away a little pee, or seriously flush away some shit. Now that's design!

On the other hand Swedish urinals are brilliant for their beauty. Few urinals in America are remarkable; every once in a while in Florida you find one where you can piss on a community service message like "say no to drugs" written on the urinal cake, and brought to you Swisher; but here in Sweden

Urinal Urinal Urinal

These urinals are a vision of simplicity in parabolic curvature. The urinals glide out of the wall like pods for pee: something simple, streamlined, and Star Wars, all at the same time.

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