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In 2004, I applied to the Interactive Media Division at the University of Southern California's School of Cinema Television. Grad school - getting a Masters Degree in modern media mythmaking.

Here's my application, and my reasoning for going: Everything I need to know about grad school I learned from Walter E. Kurtz.

I have a blog on the IMD site.

These are some of my projects:


Chat with Ikkyu

2004 December: Fractal Muybridge

i ching clock

Teaching a class Portable Video Production and Internet Distribution with Todd Richmond and Kenyatta Cheese.

I did some research on using computers and chat for productive side conversations to augment learning during a presentation, culminating at a paper I workshopped at CHI 2006 - "Experiments in Backchannel: Collaborative Presentations Using Social Software, Google Jockeys, and Immersive Environments". Oddly enough I can't find a copy of our paper :-/

My final project was an attempt to merge web surfing and massively multiplayer online games called PMOG - the Passively Multiplayer Online Game. My PMOG partners and I started a company called GameLayers, and I wrote up the history elsewhere on this site.

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