A basic template for good HTML web pages.


<body> # I've got some cool stuff to do with your body.

A basic template for good HTML web pages. <p>


Here is some text, about almost a paragraph's worth, made longer by the use of <blockquote> tags. Notice how they set the text off from the margins - aiding readability.


I like to keep my text and codes well spaced throughout my document. Makes it easier to work on, and who knows who might be using your HTML to learn from?


Now, as I move on to another section, I will use a horizontal rule to set it off:<p>


I want to <a href="">link to my top level</a>, so I will link to my top level.<p>

Notice how I simply <b>inserted the URL between the quotes</b>


Now that I am at the bottom of my page, I want to include my address, and some closing tags.


<p align=center>

<i> Yer Mama Net Productions / Justin Hall / </i>



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