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these are links I collected from 1994 to about 1995 or 1996. So if they actually work, well, woah!

Commercial Connections

Separated into three distinct sections:

Electronic Storefronts

When I first started exploring the web, I saw commercial sites as real foe to creativity, and a force for general crappiness. Now I've come to see that crappy sites are crappy sites, be they commercial, or self-indulgent net.heads. Here I have listed electronic storefronts, sites that, while being commercial, have presented their content in an engaging manner. That is the future of advertising. Allow the consumer to interact with your product and if it's good, and the interactivity is engaging, you'll sell stuff.

Online Shopping Centers

Any wonder that both of these places have already been bought up by non-Internet based conglomerates?

Practical Commercial Connections

Commercial indices

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