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A Firsthand Account of an Internet User's Kidnapping and Being Held Against His Will

It's not very cool, necessarily, but it is important nonetheless. This is a first-hand account of an Internet User (mam6@cornell.edu) who had some posts used against him to justify his being essentially kidnapped and held against his will.

An alumn, Brian Slesinsky, wrote someone at Cornell asking about this incident, and recieved a laden reply.

In article {2m7veuINNded@newsstand.cit.cornell.edu}, 
Diablo (mam6@cornell.edu) writes:

First of all, I'm sorry to post this on so many groups, but I think
alot of you will be very interested in this.  If you are going to
reply, please send the reply to all the groups I posted to.

O.k., here is the situation.  I had been contemplating suicide and
posted my situation on alt.romance.chat (lot's of nice people replied,
btw.) I also posted something on alt.drugs asking for some useful drugs
for the purpose of killing myself (which, for any of you fucking
ass-sucking cops out there: I am not saying I want to).

The Internet is not safe.  Two days after I posted it, a couple of cops
show up at my door, along with some nut from the mental health
department of Tompkins County (that's this county obviously) and tell me
I have to come with them to the hospital for "an hour, maybe an hour and
a half."  I said "What if I don't choose to go."  They replied that I
don't have a choice.  They informed me that I'm going with them because
some people read my internet message and were concerned.  I was in the
middle of conducting some business on the phone and asked if I could make
a couple of phone calls first but the pigs replied that no, I couldn't.
In effect, they kidnapped me.

So, they drive me to Tompkins County Hospital where I am forced to sit in
a room for 2 hours (with a couple of goons waiting outside to make sure I
don't try to run).  Finally, some bitch comes in and talks to me for all
of 4 or 5 minutes.  I explicity told her that I am not planning on
killing myself (partly due to the 20 or 30 supportive e-mail messages I
got from people).  She said it's not here decision whether I'm held or
not but that she would go give the doctor her opinion (she left me with
the impression that she would tell me to let me go.)  The doctor came in,
after another 45 minutes of waiting) and talked to me for maybe 2
minutes.  I said I wanted a lawyer.  He said "Sure, you can always have a
lawyer." and walked away mumbling something about always being able to
have a lawyer.  Apparently he was being sarcastic because no lawyer ever
showed up.  After another 20 minutes or so, some guy pokes his head in
the room and asks me who I am.  I didn't tell me of course, but 2 minutes
later, some little geek walks in, sits down and says "I don't know if
you've heard yet, but you are being transfered to a mental health ward."
I say something to the effect of fuck you I'm not going anywhere.  By
this time, there were a couple of goons in the room also.  They told me
that I could either go of my own free will or they would drag me there.
Noticing that there were about six other guys standing out in the hall
way I said I'd go.  I then stood up, told the little geek that I hope he
goes home tonight and suffers the worst kind of hell (or something to
that effect).  Then, one of the goons grabs me and drags me out into the
hallway where I see one of those portable beds for ambulances with
restraining devices on them.

At this point I was absolutely livid with rage.  No way are you fuckers
restraining me I said.  Well, they said I had to be restrained because I
had just threatened the little geek with violence (not true, I just
wished hell on him).  So, they strap me down (I cooperated but was
berating them the whole time) and put me in the ambulance and left a guy
in the back to watch me.  I was telling him what a dick he is and how big
a violation of my human rights this was and he just told me to shut up.
After a period of silence I apologized to him and told him I didn't mean
anything personal.  He responded with something to the effect of "Well
fuck you, I dont' like your tone of voice."  I asked him, very
sarcastically, if he was pleased with how well he was doing his job.  He
said "Look, I'm just doing my job here."  Yeah, yeah I replied, so were
the Nazi death-camp guards.

Anyhow, they get me to this hospital (Soldiers and Sailors Memorial in
Penn Yan, NY).  They made me strip and put on stupid hospital clothes.
By this time it was 8:30 at night (I got picked up at about 4:30) and no
one had given me anything to eat.  They gave me some graham crackers at
this point.  Whoopee.

So anyhow, I wait for an hour or so and some guy named Tom Rice (yeah, I
hope you're reading this you cocksucker) comes in and talks to me for
about 3 minutes and says "o.k., I'm admitting you."  Well, I was pretty
pissed as you might imagine.

So, they bring me upstairs, give me a room, etc., etc. and expect me to
go to sleep until morning. Yeah, whatever.  Like I can sleep when I'm a
prisoner.  I spent the whole night planning a way to escape (pathetic
security cause I was in the wing where people with things like depression
are kept, not the criminally insane wing).  At 6:30 in the morning, they
come in and tell me they are going to take blood from me.  When I said no
they said they were going to anyhow.

Well, the long and short of this all is that I ended up spending two
nights in a fucking mental hospital because A) some fuckers at Cornell
University are idiots (I know at least one of their names so far... Leeza
Casinelli, a therapist at our health services.. she is a fascist pig,
don't go see her) and B) the idiot psychiatrist I saw the next morning
said they have to keep me another night for observation.  Nevermind the
fact that I was obviously fine and the rest of the staff knew it.  The
food there sucked, I was confined in EXTREME boredom (what, they expect
me to read 2 year old Time magazines all day???), missed many classes, a
test, and some papers.  Furthermore, I do alot of investing and lost a
significant sum during this time.

I guess my point in all this is that the Internet is definitely not safe,
even if you aren't breaking the law.  I got back about 2 hours ago from
that fucking place.  I'm thinking about suing Cornell U (they are the
ones who started all this) and maybe the state of New York.  The way I
look at it, I was held without indictement, without warrant, and without
legal representation based on evidence contained on a Usenet posting.  I
mean c'mon.  Like even 1/8 of the stuff posted here should be taken
seriously.  Take a look at alt.devilbunnies for instance.  A completely
amusing group, but not something to take seriously.  Anyhow, I go to
Cornell and live in Ithaca.  I keep on trying to contact the ACLU here
but no one ever answers. I've only gotten a busy signal once too.  Also,
are there any lawyers around here that someone can recommend for me?

I was kidnapped and imprisoned for two days by the state.  The state, not
just of America, but the state of the world must be destroyed.  Power,
concentrated like this is absolutely tyrannical.  I am not suicidial
(although I was at one point) and these morons should have realized this.
 Be careful what you post and look into PGP encryption. Fuck the
government and fuck you you Cornell U. bastards. I hope you rot in the
worst part of hell for what you put me through.  If you want me to be
depressed, go ahead, do it again.  Make me miss classes, tests, and lose
money.  FUCK YOU!!!

(Sorry for the strong language everyone).

--Diablo, an anarchist in the most extreme meaning.
"The state must die."

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