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these are links I collected from 1994 to about 1995 or 1996. So if they actually work, well, woah!

Native American Resource Center

Since I put this page up, Native American net resources have improved vastly.
  1. Howard Rheingold has written about Buffy Sainte Marie, a pioneer of Native American net presence. He does use the non-PC term though...
  2. Check out NativeNet, a no-longer fledging webserver attempting to coordinate Native related net resources. They've got a pretty good collection going - a lot of good texts online here.
  3. Titled politically incorrect, the National Museum of the American Indian from the Smithsonian.
  4. The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information has a page about native american drug and alcohol abuse in their "prevention primer."
  5. Tribal Telecom Applications are available from the self-titled American Indian Nations page. Definitely quite the gussied up web site - clickable imagemaps, nice graphics, a pretty seamless interface. Some art up here, nothing earth shattering, links to other Native American info sites. A broad overview of various aspects and issues of Native American life today - a nice setup to cover it all, but it looks like they have a ways to go in fleshing it out.
  6. The Fourth World Center for World Indigenous Studies has a web server coordinating related resources. They have some good stuff, including a list of documents pertaining to and published by peoples indigenous to North, South and Central America dating back as far as 1836. They also provide other sources of indigenous information, a helpful list of other net-based native resources.
  7. The Oneida Indian Nation of NY has a nice web site, with a picture and interpretation of the tribe's seal, a recording of someone welcoming you to the page in their native tounge, information about their nation, and nation building activities (with links to a gift shop page). A strange blend of commercialism and nationalism.
  8. A sordid tale of cocaine sherrifs, crooked judges, and your tax dollars spent to hound and persecute semi-innocent civilians awaits if you read the story of Eddie Hatcher Native American Political Prisoner in North Carolina. Shit like this turns my stomach, and makes me doubt this democracy.
  9. Our government has put up the Bureau of Indian Affairs web page providing nothing of substance save a mission statement and a link to another dead end page about Native American Mineral Management.
  10. There is a posting that has a good list of Native FTP sites.

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