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these are links I collected from 1994 to about 1995 or 1996. So if they actually work, well, woah!

all of these are fascinating people but these links are from the mid-1990s and most don't work


The mess of information available on the web would be harder to peruse without unique personalities, guides, to help you find your find your way down their path of perspective. These people offer their own, unique perspective, or maybe they're just good stopping points along the way.

These people are the freestyle newspapers of the Internet

Zola's Home Page is almost too long, if it weren't so commentated, and artfully rendered. Personal reflection, web wandering and endearing wit. Check it - she's got some great links.

I've met some of bianca's trolls

Howard Rheingold is a man with a plan - and tons of good friends. He's making a magazine of his web site.

Joi is the most well connected person I know.

The Tokyo Net Surfing Association is online at Tomigaya v2.0. Tomigaya provides a place for local (Japanese) web projects, many of which are coordinated by the intrepid surfing team.
The brainchild of Joichi Ito, an extrememly worldy, extrememly wired Japanese youth. He has studied all over the world, has spun at LimeLight in NY, and has an impressive record in the computer industry; he was the one of the first Japanese MUDD dwellers.
He was profiled in Howard Rheingold's first Tomorrow column.
Karen maintains a list of Karen's Organized HotLinks. They are organized, they are hot.

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