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these are links I collected from 1994 to about 1995 or 1996. So if they actually work, well, woah!

storytelling... sure beats commercials. Here's a few intriguing ones:
Friend Abbe Don reveals a gentle kvetching - online excerpts from her CD-Rom about her great-grandmother, Annie Shapiro No Soup, Just Matzo Balls. Wizened Jewish woman in photos and oraltext recounts family history and dispenses heartwarming homestyle advice.


Funny story from my friend Patrick Combs. He got one of those "You may have already won $90,000!" sample checks in the mail, and deposited it at his bank. Few days later he looks over his balance, and discovers he has $96,000 in his account. He tells the story beautifully at his web site. Especially funny are his updates concerning the media feeding frenzy. A fascinating glimpse at the way media in this country pounces on a story.
Since that first big break, he has posted a few of his other ventures.

an honest heart

A young woman who's taken the web as her medium as well, Sage Lunsford. Her Sage Words column describes the trials and tribulations of a witty young lesbian college bound in Missouri; between the multiplicity of typos lurks an honest heart. After literally falling in the mud trying to pick up her best friend, she narrowly avoids a baptist conversion while trying to find a gay/lesbian nightclub in Springfield, Missouri.
Her Sappy Love Story, a story of virtual love made real, lacks only pictures for potency.
She's putting her life online as well.
The perspective on Patpong from a western woman. An excerpt from the book Patpong Sisters in Urban Desires 1.1 offers a unique glimpse inside Thailand's sex industry. Cleo Odzer has a lot of background knowledge and a lot of courage; she trudges through the trenches with a sociology textbook.

Kuwait Crime Beat: herein a collection of articles culled from the Arab Times Daily Newspaper. Interdicted intimacy, bizarre quarrels, damaging prowess.

Perils of modernity: Freak death with hotel card key - electrocution of a rain-drenched door to door magazine saleswoman.
Computer sadism: the tale of the Bastard Operator from Hell should strike fear (or recollection) in the heart of any networked computer user. Written from the firsthand perspective of a truly pathological system adminstrator, this guy knows how to fuck with people through machines. Don't get any ideas!
A first hand account of wartime with a happy ending; Letters from an Iowa Soldier in the Civil War. Between Hannah the home town sweetheart and Newton homeboy soldier a four year correspondence that ended in his safe return, their marriage, and spawning 11 kids. I found the concept more intriguing than the letters themselves, but his writing style is aged fascinating, for a little while. Sadly, I could not find her letters reproduced here.

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