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8 april, 1996
spent the night writhing in gut pain
nose stuffed
unable to solidly sleep
it was academic tattooing
setup program
somehow in my contortions I was making of myself an experiment
I was happy to wake up in the morning and know I'd succeeded
helping the cause.

it was like a fever
I was like a blinded horse.

diagnosed as such,

no advil, painkillers
something to relish in every state
shooting aches the down side
delusion entertained.

I made it to shamanism

from taussig's Mimesis & Alterity,
doll likenesses as means of doing harm
effecting an image, effected the imaged.

on the swarthmore public relations bulletin board
there's a picture of me

from a philly inquirer article
folks have stuck pins in the groin, head.

publishing is power
can we help this guy?

a garlic clove before bed tonight.

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