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9 april, 1996
soomer is un cumin in
ludeth blu snoo

six inches, none sticks
a fuckin' april blizzard.

chatting space time with Ben
could we live on mars?
would we go if we died there soon after?
could we live on the moon?
could we cover the moon in solar panels?
how could we get the energy back to earth?

what's the greatest problem of the 21st century?

causes hate
from there springs environmental damage

what caused the fall of rome
so goes the american empire?
is this fluid enough to encompass change

or drowning in millenial excess?
a blade of grass
a tree limb
scale questions
history questions
joined, appropriately enough, by wilson
classics man

they're bashing pomo
we agree the hard core bad asses don't footnote

original thought.

in the midst of this theoretic action,

from a parker prospective student
I recieve a styrofoam wrapped dry ice encased
deep dish chicago pizza in the mail

I could worry about the implications of my actions

some folks just do stuff.

a ref from howard, wavy gravy
each time I seize up to ask him an edge of the cliff question
he sez

you win some you lose some
don't be hung up on the results
from neal to him to me
cassady said
fretting is the worst sin
(something like that)

summer plans
summer tour '96
I might come to your town

cafe date with brantley
smart good looking actor of a boy
with more consistent confidence he'll be a force.

gergin' I keep getting older,

but they just stay the same age.
I'll leave this place when I'm learned out
reaching now into the faculty

another whipped cream can
but I'm saving it for ben
he's never tried hippy crack
and he's never really listened to freak out.

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