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16 april, 1996
shortage of available brain cells grows severe
sleep um sleep

excited for this summer -
I might actually meet folks behind these web pages

removed Links from the Underground from the title bar
how long until this thing's called just justin?

carew shows manufacturing consent on campus

chomsky noam speaking on mcneil lehrer,

to large foreign conferences
posing for photos, mugging for teevee
in a small room with ten wyoming activists
doing public radio interviews at colorado colleges
attributing power to the people
small and large

(does noam drink pepsi? does he buy CDs?)

next monday, april 29
for a new directions for news followup, I'm hosted at the waldorf astoria
in terms of chomsky's view of hegemony
the money that puts me up there is mccormick tribune

so what will you say
asks my intellectual hostess of the evening carew
since you only have seven minutes

that's nothing but concision
regurgitated truths

I'm not going to have notes
power to the people

like my trip this summer

jgw calls

how to title -
what do I call myself?

how about a communicator?

is that two-way?

earlier this even
college budget committee
all the student liasons are young republicans.

evan thinks to speak
money for student web works
I accompany him to lend persuasion
more public speaking experience.

he was excellent

didn't need me.
school should support humanist technographers.

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