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The fine folks at Spokespeople had a storytelling session on "TMI" - Too Much Information! TMI is a topic close to my heart, as I've explored my own limits on personal information sharing through this web site and in conversation.

So I was honored to speak at their event in January 2013, and I am honored that they posted this recording as part of their Spokespeople podcast series!

Can the oversharer be a boon to society? Can we do more worldly good by sharing all the weird things that we (and our bodies) do? Can shame be erased by a bit more info than you wanted to hear? Well, according to this storyteller -- and the internet -- the answer is a resounding, Yes!

Spokespeople Podcast #43: A Prelude to a Kiss With Oneself by Justin Hall

Length: 10 minutes 49 seconds. Definite warning for explicit sexual content and anatomical detail.

Photo by Chris Coster for Spokespeople 2013 - yes Liz, I'm wearing Girbauds :-) And Wilson's "Made in Vagina" t-shirt!

Buried Dick Pic

Sometimes when I meet someone and we're talking about our lives, I like to give some context on my personal media experiments. One of the easiest ways to give a brief overview of the extent to which I have pushed myself to share is to say "there are multiple pictures of me naked on the internet. I posted them."

I'm usually always thinking of two: the Chicago pics, and catdick.

Department H Dick DanceToday putting together a 2013+ ready of my sex pages, I re-discovered a picture of me with my penis up on the Department H page from 2002. Hah! More pictures of my penis here in this site than I remembered.

as long as there's sex

I think a lot about sex. I write a lot about my thoughts. I write a lot about sex! Or rather, my search for human intimacy. Because as I search out "sex" I end up finding all sorts of other activities. And I find other people who collide with my search!

Here's some notes I take in public on my "sex" search!

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