Swarthmore Web Enthusiasts Brigade


Building stuff on the web ain't hard.

everything you need to become a full fledged web weaver is Swarthmore provided.
it takes about 40 minutes to learn HTML (the web programming language)
the next sinners Meeting is the perfect chance to get started, or make improvements. If you come for two hours, you will leave knowin' how to do this stuff, with a spankin' site all yer own.

I failed CS20, basic programming, because I lacked discipline and patience. At the same time, I was picking up on the web as easy, immediate unlimited freedom of expression.
f i r s t: you gotta make a web page.
During your time at Swarthmore you can publish your stories, photos, art, demo tapes, film clips, share them with a world as wide as the web.
t h e n: get yourself a Condor account, this is where you put your page.
(you can do this at a sinners Meeting)
There is a sweb bulletin board in the east wing of Parrish, near the middle stairs. Check here for meeting times, relevant rants and intriguing info.

There is a sweb folder on AppleShare: SC Servers EN: Students. Login as a guest, choose Organizations. In the sweb you'll find the latest web weavin' toolz.

Viewing your file

If your user name is bleah, your URL is:


Join the Ranks of the Illustrious

Now you are among the
student web publishers of Swarthmore! When you're ready for readers, send a message to webmaster@sccs.swarthmore.edu, asking them to add your name to the Student pages list.

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Justin Hall / justin@cyborgasmic.com