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January 2011 Archives

hoping we'll write

I meet a woman in a moment hoping we'll write a novel
instead we write a short travel magazine
maybe some short erotic fiction
not yet a volume by volume encyclopedia set

this music is too loud and its too sad
I set the song on repeat and I'm wearing big headphones

I still haven't gotten over her! I'm still in love with a woman I've never met! the one who wants to be with me until my body parts fall onto the floor


borrowing chestpain heartache distraction
for a romance that didn't happen
a series of incomplete connections
blasted bliss to taste flavor again

a woman ground herself on my face
a relative stranger shares a long loved quality
the flavorless rich viscous pleasure
pulling my tongue up from a tunnel to a sip

I had to limit the sweet niceties that extend hope
we met ourselves in a Folsom Street wine bar
twinkling smiles of shared blonde dreams
how shall we finish our 30s?

people I know, my age, they are divorcing or reproducing
she suggested that some reproduction is meant to hold families together
I remember being told I was born that way
I didn't keep my father alive
unless you count his sperm swimming somewhere through me
in the liquid liquor gruel

I feel aflame
walking the street, masked by a hood
I catch her eye, glance over to her friends
I could meet you, I know

on my way to meet a date, I meet another
it's relentless - my appetite for personal introduction
I dare myself to do things

how to measure and manage all that hunger
the hungry hunter
aside the oakland freeway - it's shut down, the sign sat faded for a long dirtying

I don't yet understand the liquid silver dreams of Basil Valentine
but mornings I cast about for my shirt covered in blood
the philosopher's mantle
he witnessed a wild marriage and the according physical union

today I remembered how many weddings I have filmed
most of those unions are now rended
do we thrill to the destruction of dreams?
sometimes these night hopes disappear and we sleep on
without smiling or cause to wake


Craving continuous intimacy
Should I settle for spontaneous sex?


Thanks Steve Rhodes - from @tigerbeat on Instagram
June 2012 dancing in the streets of San Francisco with Ilyse Magy, photo thanks Steve Rhodes on instagram!

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