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July 2011 Archives

backposting and reading aloud

Backdated poems posted here! Divorce, alienation, death, and good times with one's self :-)

February 22: Hard Thing
June 12: Pneuma
June 12: Virtuous Attractions
July 12: nameless love
July 12: Visualizing myself on the front grill of a broad bus
July 16: trying on something worn
July 25: messy leaking - this one I read aloud, you can listen to it or read it! Yow.

messy leaking

(listen to this read aloud)

I feel reasonably confident in my orgasm control
During sex as I remember it
I held my own
Until she clenched and released
To fill me first

Today I feel more at risk
For premature emotional ejaculation
into any ready smart female ear

First I listen and then when she's opened some
I feel connected I feel
I have so much in me
I begin to uncork and overshare

Maybe I catch myself before I spill out of turn
divorce death hunger, eager semen
So we keep the conversation going
Maybe I can crawl into her arms with my teeth and tongue

I haven't had enough time with these women to build to mutual orgasm:
don't I like them enough to arrange a second date?
Or I don't enjoy what I have to say before intercourse
I am messy leaking boy cum and man tears.

trying on something worn

I like vintage and thrift shopping
the stakes feel so low and
the clothes have character drawn from across eras

She explained that she had been married as well
Two of us on hangars at a tea parlor
Trying each other on Most Eligible Bachelor Award for 2011

bachelor JustinToday is pleased to award the first-ever " Most Eligible Bachelor Award" to the owner and proprietor of, Mister Justin Hall.

Hall explains that divorce was difficult for him but the paperwork finished just last week and now he's totally emotionally available "at least for the first thirty seconds of a first date." For 2011 Hall has updated his bachelor skills, enlisting in private tutoring for clitoral massage. We contacted his Orgasmic Meditation coach, Sasha Hood for comment: "Justin was a bright and eager student. He was plugged in and ready to learn from the moment we began. He is the most naturally talented stroker I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

In spite of a history of sexual experimentation and psychedelic drug use, Hall is pleased to report there are no visible signs of genital disease. Hall judges himself potent, and ready to start a family: "I want to be a father, maybe a stay-at-home dad with a lady who has a job."

A notorious raconteur and persistent personal poet, Hall promises that new girlfriends or liaisons won't be written about in public on the Internet, "at least not using their last name." As a touching chronicler of human connection, Hall has written poems like the recent, touching "let's get down":

Hey lady
Wrap your thin fingers please around this leaden heart
Hold tight I will bring you down

Even by physical standards, Hall is an impressive catch: according to dental records, Hall has all of his teeth except for tooth #19 replaced with a crown due to extensive grinding. Now Hall sleeps with a svelte plastic plate between his teeth: if things get serious overnight Hall has been known to cast his "mouth guard" aside, so amorous ladies won't be missing his kissing.

Our reporter visited Hall in his remarkably uncluttered apartment. On display was an impressive stuffed boar's head, on loan from filmmaker Ryan Junell. It's a challenge to decide which would be more fetching to female visitors: Junell's taxidermy, or Hall's collection of violent Xbox video games. Fortunately this is definitely the cleanest place that Hall has ever lived.

To elevate his physique, Hall has taken up exercise: "mostly eating a pot lozenge and wandering through San Francisco on the weekends". A "pretty big fan of sobriety" Hall says he doesn't usually drink or consume cannabis more than 3 or 4 evenings a week. Hall shouldn't get high after 7pm as it keeps him awake, perhaps because he's approaching forty or because Hall is somewhat hyperactive to begin with.

Clearly a man you can count on: Hall has had the same job for 16 months with no formal disciplinary action being taken by his employer. He has cultivated a holistic approach to work: working at the office, working at home, and answering work emails between 2-5am when he can't sleep due to anxiety dreams or indigestion.

bachelor JustinHall has recently returned to the hair salon after a fifteen-year hiatus. Working exclusively with digerati stylist Judy Rheingold at Partners for Hair in Laurel Village, San Francisco, Hall has actually had his hair cut twice in the last two months. "I wanted to look good for my brother's wedding," Hall says modestly. He is leaving behind a history of dreadlocks, mullets, ponytails and shaving bald to look more attractive: eyeing a comb in a distant bathroom, Hall reflects, "it's a newd irection for me."

Hall occasionally enjoys a quiet night in the kitchen. He has been known to serve warm palatable meals to dates, but cooking alone is where Hall has been learning: "my fondness for leftovers and experiments with unrefrigerated perishables has taught me a lot about basic food safety."

Today Hall adeptly balances the personal and the professional, taking breaks from work to sit in a bathroom stall and text-message relative strangers to see if they want to cuddle. Listed on okcupid as "justinreach" Hall can often be seen online messaging new potential life partners whilst tipsy at 2am.

Hall is bullish on his future prospects: "there's a lot of woman out there in the world, and when I am not feeling grumpy or shy I introduce myself to them!" With his combination of near-daily hygiene, semi-literate conversation and inappropriate intensity, Hall is definitely the most eligible bachelor we've profiled on in 2011.

(big thanks to Tim Shundo for the pictures!)

visualizing myself on the front grill of a broad bus

Come let us cross the street together!
I will go first
Where there is no light or crosswalk
Hurry up behind
We might not all make it

nameless love

That same purple flower what grows in my garden
I see it again on fourth street
And love
I don't know its name
A nameless affection
Feels large as it follows me through summer

If I study this flower
Find its name
Introduce myself
That pins a love down wriggling


Thanks Steve Rhodes - from @tigerbeat on Instagram
June 2012 dancing in the streets of San Francisco with Ilyse Magy, photo thanks Steve Rhodes on instagram!

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