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Delays mounting as veteran personal documentarian confronts his failures

Infamous Internet raconteur Justin Hall has now blown through two deadlines for his upcoming personal documentary film, with no clear release date in sight. One concerned friend reports that this production is so muddled, "he still doesn't even have a title for this thing."

What we do know is that Hall somehow believes that the internet wants to revisit the material of his rambling personal web site in video form. But after months of working on this documentary project, the internet has only seen a 6 second preview with no clear path to release.

Originally scheduled for a mid-September debut, the film was postponed with little explanation until early October - a deadline Hall observed with barely an apology for depriving the web of his latest free amateur production. Now some suggest that Hall has bitten off too much to chew - "look, he made a few hacked-together video episodes. Now he wants to command a full 40 minutes? With no writer, no film crew, no editor, no one else at the controls? I am not optimistic -" this associate finished their appraisal by spinning their index finger at their temple.

Meanwhile video reached the web of Hall's September remarks at the XOXO festival in Portland Oregon. His performance earned some praise while others pointed out that speech may be the best he can muster: "I am not sure he's going to do better than XOXO with his current approach [filming alone in his basement]."

They were likely referring to the stilted green screen style that Hall has employed for videos on a range of subjects during his dormant "Justin Hall Show" series. Shaking their head, one friend remarks on the episodes: "we never knew if he was kidding about how bad they were."

With delays mounting and the quality expected to be low, it appears Hall is continuing his long slide into online irrelevance. Decline is nothing new to the veteran web publisher: he peaked in 1995 with 27,000 daily readers and now has barely 250. Is this video a ruse to cover up a lack of poignant personal experience or compelling sex links on his web site?

When reached for comment, Hall asked if we had any Adderall or XJ-13 to spare. When we pointed out those are both prescription drugs in his home state of California, Hall asked us to sign up for his mailing list.

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