15 January, 1996
last night,
lost my car keys illegally parked,
spent the night on the Cyborganic floor
three hours sleep
last twenty minutes I dream
I'm looking over Macintosh Portables with Jimi Hendrix
as my car is towed away
I wake to find my keys

oh yaeh. working at Cyborganic today,
mostly on my sex stuff,

advice, interactivity and Meni's place

get a call from Angela, Los Angeles, tried hard to reach me
planet grande productions
working on some cybersex programming for HBO

aiming for the twenty something crowd
staged cybersex,

chatting and diddling
explicit for the paying cable customers
people walk the street covered in coloured latex
a busty woman chats with a fat fetishish
then plays the piano with her tits for a lesbian bar

I just found your page
searching for astrology and sex
where is the sex stuff?

(after brief gah-razing)

yeah, we're looking for frank and honest
you know like foot fetishists on the web, weird stuff

you leave San Francisco Friday?