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3 February, 1996

all spelling errers intentional

Aaron is reading
medusa's hair
'bout penises of Shiva
something like that -
singleh women growing dreadlocks
like my matted hair
they remain celebate
I'm working on it.

I knew New York

would be slush bound
not fluff snow like philly
but two days old,
already grey
the bane of amateur shoes.

A two hour train ride
from philly to new york on amtrack
turned into five hours

amtrack artic connections between cars
five inches of snow step

between me and the bathroom
no power
lights out
lines to the cafe car
a run on beer

I met Gerry
one of those folks

with their eyes open a little too wide
he noticed my typewriting in my notebook

I ask him to write:

Funny guy w/ funny career - sells antique
fabrics to the world for fun + profit.
he's the most diverse textile dealer in the world
why not?
paranoid about $3000 worth of trashbagged
2 pairs cut velvet portiers
double sided green and burgundy
10 feet long, circa 1900.

arrived New York,
two hours late for dinner,
I could only spend twn minutes
in his apartment

do chicks dig this?

Everyone digs it.


two room studio
with separate kitchen
teeming with textiles
eighteenth century allegorical tapestries
elaborate brocade vest from the 1700s
stained glass windows and door between
dark wood ornate heavy bed 1880s
above, commissoioned paintings of luminescent nudes
heavenly play

rich tassels with berry sized adornments


I took a picture
of Gerry and his stuff
I need a digital camera.

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