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4 February, 1996
ma my beautiful mother and I
returned to swarthmore today,
from new york

I worked
while my 30 year veteran attorney mom
did my laundry.

six of us gathered intimate at
the Women's Resource Center
mom spoke about
the benefits and burdens of a woman having a career

(I took good notes)

aaron, balthazar, julia, mary, rya, wilson
she took us out for thai food.

wonderful dinner
I love gathering people together
food is a good way to do it.

I have some coloured pencils
rya and wilson and balky colour their paper placemats

when dinner was over,

on the way out,
I grabbed
rya's, wil's, not balky
cuz his looked less polished, coherent,
selection priviledges art
next time, I'll grab them all.

looking over his web page
started in class,
balky's done no work.
like a diligent professor
I want to put some energy in
I give him a call.

he can't get in to edit his page
he doesn't remember how from class,
he didn't write it down
he doesn't have his notetaking tape recorder
it's in the mail
otherwise his notes would be too fragmentary

I remember what my teachers told me in sixth grade:

results not excuses

and what Spencer Reiss told me two weeks ago:

you're going to hear some wild ones.

Balky calls me back
he just read a phoenix article about the course
my early morning quote in particular:

"I picked a bitch of a time on purpose," Hall said. "I want folks who are dedicated, and I want them to be fresh. Yeah, you gotta wake up early, yeah, you might not get credit. Now that we have that out of the way, you must care about what you're learning. Let's go."
socialism, webbism,
different manifestations
both idealists and he respects that

hard to get idealists to get real work done
I think,
as I call him to get his web page worked on,
work on my own
uh, homework?


I decided to drop art history I:
critical studies in the visual arts
three times a week
I like it alright,
good prof, subject, students
but I can't expect to
teach a class
run a web site
be a friend
and take four courses

I've been ki


ing myself

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