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24 march, 1996
wilson and I walked home
he sighted three planes
heading for a collision
someday, I said,
there'll be ten of those things in the sky at once.

we looked around, and there were.

today on the web
I saw two ad banners with little moving pieces
as ever, the beginning of the end.

conehead buddha
latin ska
ecstatic dance bursts
til my cold ridden lungs ache

on the way home
a tree fell
(I wasn't there to hear it
but I picked up a stick
leanin' like an old man
(I don't exercise much
I played crazy jane

I have a fridge
maria kahn used to store pakistani leftovers in
dairy products are said to thicken the mucus
the lure of these foods is spice, not cheese-fat

trying to find both
Crazy Jane talks with the Bishop
and Michael Taussig
on the net
aside from initial frustration
it is somehow comforting to find something missing
telling it was those folks,
instead of Miss Coors Rodeo.

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