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23 march, 1996
my nose runneth over
an unending font of glow-green snot.

besides my illness,
enlightenment kept me from doing drugs

now that I have the web,
why would I want to be altered?
a friend planned a birthday trip
to longwood gardens
du pont donated colonized plantlife to the world

the morning expedition

awaited the arrival of the ecstacy laden
he slept through his train,
we were going to drive twice forty minutes out of our way
to get him,
and the drugs

I opted out

better things to do than chase drugs
pick me up later
but then no one wanted to go
I felt bad I was inspiring desertion
but the end result
we rejected the drug-wait
and left immediately for the gardens.


a field trip between friends
pleasant to say the least

plant consciousness.
plants are teachers

even in these trained forms
though it got a little absurd.
against the odds,
we six enjoyed our company
twelve hours
like family.
who are you in there justin?
you're the professor.
kali tantra tolstoy
curiousity intangible tension
we stop kissing, she says
you are a boddhisattva
made me feel like a lecher.

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