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20 april, 1996
breakfast with brother
he sez these daze need more eye candy
so I breakin' out more doodles and pix

had to give up $38 to cover a cab
poor timed return from new york to teach
I love spreadin' the spirit to sinners

I added a consciencious pith -

affluence trivializes, excessive affluence trivializes to the absurd.
- dren geer (an old principle at parker
each time I reteach rose
today I showed her
(from nick philip)
ohmygod you should show that to everyone
that totally makes me want to make a web page.

three denise swarthmore parents picnic on the lawn
my hip friends complain no one's dancing
"they are, all in their own way."
I took family photos
met people's progenitors

tonight a little high

warm water filters better than cold bong

immediately "contentious" combative questioning

doctor booty
college band - the science of funk
over a dozen pieces
and a crack at messianic narrative theme space travel culture discovery

denise hung and swung with denise
having met three generations of tenarios
the former two born in havana
lil' denise is from new jersey

man she moves
like it'd be nice
but um it's friendly comfortable
being with people outrageous sexy

she wears barely skirts and heels
how does she get her breasts to do that?
it's easier to put it aside for comfort
at least last night
a little high, a little sick.

two formative social contract choices

dancing naked start
after much doctor booty

ain't no big thang,
real sweat hot late night nearly empty corner of the room
strip my booty suit and dance on

approached by aaron and octavio

flamboyant in their own right
in charge of party propriety
put on some clothes
people are leaving because they are offended

if I hadn't been carrying around the Tao and reading the i ching

for the last week or so,
I would have stood my right ground
told the prudes to show some tit

octavio - why you'd have to do this on parents weekend?

like there's any sober straight parents lingering at 2am
in this steamed post pubescent waste
octavio - it's a rule. you can't be naked inside.
if the party were outside, that's okay
sorry, but that's the rule.

certainly didn't redon my leotarjohns for those silly reasons

everyone offends somebody sometimes
not wanting to hurt feelings in the end.

horus convergance of many lessons

from buddhism, compassion
from george picking battles
from thich avoiding conflict
from tai chi flex over ridg
gives them less to talk about less to hate me for
less petty struggle for me to deal with

home way
I hear
steve steve
steeve steeeve

drunk asshole outside a crowded dark dorm

I gave a shhh
fuck you
people are trying to sleep!
fuck you
his voice intonated violence
I kept walking
heard the sound of glass breaking
fuck you fucking keep on walking fucker
I do not run
I reach my room
I call security
report a drunk caucasian male

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