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nick philip

i met him because he was dating (is dating i think) lisa seamen; she lived in ramona when i did so he would come over, they'd eat kentucky fried chicken and watch melrose place, or videos by charles and ray eames.

with SFX lab, he did some early work on hotwired, some mind numbing digital animations.

he's an ambient dj, a sacred designer, and an optical poet.

he doesn't have a web page (that he's ready to share), but in january 1995, he loves

me, i appreciate his t-shirts. he makes digitally inflected pithy interface-oriented short-sleevers, incorporating his ideas about "the new elements." his company is called h20 media.

and i saw one of his installation pieces at blasthouse, a multimedia art gallery in sf:
museum patrons hurled bean bags at rows of keyboards affixed to the wall which would evoke a tone and a corresponding error message on a wall-projected computer screen.

he was interviewed on the site

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