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21 may, 1996
morning strains of fela

cochise swedish pancakes
cochise virgo baby
5 yrs. rebecca shy
we're watching over the neighbor's dog tess that ephedra after dog shitting doorstep thought of luring out window into trouble with a steak and then later on that week the dog's out on the roof of it's own volition, ephedra had to help her down, amends made, they're friends

looking through "gypsy arab slut" black and white family photos of majestic pregnant magical ephedra.

peter's command center compaq pentium 75 with a scanner and digital video camera with steadycam LCD, a CDRom recorder
he got a grant to make an women with aids video
he's a media junkie - shows me adbusters, web master and i-web

like negroponte sez info about info more important never know where the next great URL will come from:
national coalition for the homeless page
activists oasis

I shared a deep old dream with ephedra

I haven't written about it yet, basically I'm in the red archie andrews jalopy under a jetson's car bubble in the dead center of the vastest ocean and before me swims the most massive horizon filling whale - awe and wonder and whemled, completely, I follow to a beach where I hung out in a cave with prehistoric man

she sez the whale is the resurrection of creativity
ocean borne recordkeeper

do I like to sing? make noise?
whale people make audible to find their voice.

on the road through stoop ville sandtown-winchester
headed for coppin state college
new jail, small ass windows

lingering in his office, post school students emptied, meeting random staff

he checks his overdue voice mail and deals with pending projects
I post for the day and post a picture I'd just taken

pete's mom we stop by to visit camay his mom

lunch late at the village grocer, even baltimore has it's own mini marin
where people in dreadlocks hang out over enlightened foods

why isn't everyone this healthy?

nicole minority business enterprise magazine we stop by
they didn't run his last article - it was too personal.
nicole the 27 year old managing editor likes reading peter's writing best, cuz he's the most progressive writer she sees.

we set up her aol account to read web pages

peter wants her to see his picture
she jokes me what do I know about fly girls
she sez the baltimore fly girls have higher hair, longer nails than the philly fly girls
I never did get to ask her why.

peter is back in the sandtown-winchester, looking for student held keys to the media lab

car bound, I watch an emaciated looking boy wire thin on a cellular phone

I realize the last time I saw this many black faces around
I visited an all black public high school for a day from parker

weird to be in the minority

sandtown-winchester feeling a little naughty anxious voyeuristic riding in this truck through scoping the downpressed
taking pictures is that much worse folks is hanging outside this hot day on their stoops family portraits

after we do the tourist bureau that favour, we coast down to the industrial section of town

like philly, baltimore seems a post-industrial letdown
abandoned machines warehouse carcasses trash strewn
more pictures

peter sez
don't let me give you the wrong impression about maryland
we're building two new statiums for $260 million dollars

on the way home, it's raining, he teaches me about football

a peter passion.

home walk in the rain to pizza
too expensive with any toppings, we eat it plain
I let out a loud fart in the restaurant, he can't take me anywhere

home, cheese coma, he passes out
ephedra and I look over web pages,

she surfs fast and visual, reacting best to pictures
we discuss dreams and journeys

crabs everywhere bottom feeders

she dreamt about me last night,

peter said, she'll dream about you man, watch,
it always comes true

she saw snakes going in and out of my palms, around my fingers
something to do with my wrists she kept thinking that at the time of the dream
maybe soon some hand/wrist trouble
could be as small as a paper cut
could be carpal tunnel,

pete had that until he took stinging nettles
take stinging nettles

we look at my hands, left one is square, right rectangle - different thumbs, angle

each hand different, that's weird.

told her about larrymare, she recommends research - that day did someone die?

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