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20 may, 1996
riding through a desolate america near outside philly, I am drawn to wonder what the internet provides for that arthritic man in the pink shirt going to his mailbox or the people on the train pretty thoroughly tweaked by me and doug block moving around the train to videotape me.

is it this escape indulgence self world creation? so shitty these paved lots and broken plots, rust and run down tools of the old trades that people will to live above in a giant pulsing pleasure mind running wires over their heads and houses.

or could this tool be to bring us down back to this earth cities around us, to inspire not forest preserves but a wilding of the world
these are my thoughts, what have they to do with the internet?

this for ideas, connections; these are mine.

presume I at this point no supposition that there are answers, but this trip draws me to flesh out the questions, especially for my own work.

like I asked wilson by phone this morning, when I'm in davidson north carolina this thursday, who could I teach about the net? what community group could I get wired?

well, how about his little brother jesse? he'd really like to learn to make a web page.

so it looks like I'll teach all comers. aspire to the poor and the unwired, but acknowledge that gradual watering of the grass is the best way to inspire grassroots.

hope, from baltimore and here I am on the bus to baltimore, with a flygirl has a dry cough behind me

I carry water with me, and so offer her some - many ways to help people.

off at the baltimore travel plaza, her name is hope

I take her picture, give her some C and echynacia

martin luther king's dream fulfilled between sbarro and kfc, fast food unites the races, kids eating together,

I pull up a chair for a chat with some eighth graders returning from DC, their teacher tells them not to talk to (freaks like) me.

visionary cooks breakfast picked up by peter brooks
got to take a pee, wait by the truck, it's the one with hallie selassie on the dashboard.
driven to havre de grace, maryland

along the way increasing pastorality,

peter's net issues are making the technology even appealing to black folks, cuz it just doesn't appeal, seem approachable to them.

at his slightly paint peeled house, shortest on the block
two daughters by his common law wife, and their son cochise

she, ephedra, not so high on an internet weirdos visit,
we end up talking way past peter's bed time, me and her and some herbs and totem animals.

folks is fun, mightly 'lightenin'.

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