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24 may, 1996
lingering in bed, two hours before I rise from pagemaking
this middle class respite must be milked for media
I accompany wilson to get him some new glasses
with my laptop

I'm staying at his mom's house, recently redone, very comfortable
I have my own bed, the fridge is stocked, there's a laundry machine
everything works

'cept there's only one darn phone line.

one of those mini-collies in a pen kept from running away
we take mike for a walk through wilson's childhood, and some of ben's poems
this is the house I grew up in, mungo lives here, ben and I used to squish caterpillars green on this road.

jesse, fledgling geek I take mike back so wil can play some b-ball
pass jesse in don (dad)'s car, he stops for some walk and ten year old troubles

bad grades already, he's discovering he has to do homework.

edith, jesse, mike and I

we stop by edith's for a dog chat

she's clorox wiping some lattice
I give her a hand, finished her chore - seemed the southern hospitable thing to do
she served us iced tea in return,
we passed the time of day
I think grandparents trained me well.

daveeed qtip

wilson then I shower - feels good to wait between bathings

I appreciated more the removal of accumulated dirt

meanwhile jesse works on building his web page

dinner at his dad's
chinese food pickup, manager laughs at my hair

you in the band?

after wilson's edgy paranoia and relational insecurity I was expecting an asshole but found his dad a witty wise man of impressive stature and forthright bearing I guess a difficult example
he did joke about hold still - killing something that had landed on my head

family dinner amidst dad's three very recent brood with a young southern woman
and wilson's brother who's slouched shoulders suggest teenage guilt
along with a hat wearing walt friend protecting his eyes
amidst three very recent brood with a younger southern woman
who immediately informs me of the child breeding process intimate particulars
we gorge on egg chicken beef sugar sodium grease and rice

chinese food

mom, the kids evaporate
after, stories of austin and louisiana
dad and I launch into work and web he's a corporate consultant - how do companies manage change and all facets work towards harmonious efficient production and relations
includes acclimation to the computer age
we speak of integrating the voiceless;
for him issue is low level workers, guys who make ceiling tile, who are used to picking up a check and spending it straight
it saves the company money to do direct deposit, but that presumes bank account participation
smartest, wil sez some of these guys don't want their girlfriends, their spouses to know how much they're making/spending, they want to bring home as much money as they want
so you train them to handle banking is the solution
cuz allowing for non direct depositing workers is too much paperwork
like you train them to handle supply computers to order parts
now a more independent, a more modular workforce.
how to leapfrog from computers eliminating low-end jobs to finding a participatory role for poor folks in the information economy is a tough job, he commends my trip.

anyways, wilson pronounced dinner a smashing success
a surprise for him, he was anxious, several times admonished me not to say anything rude or weird in front of his dad
he didn't trust me

- in my experience, most parents get along with me.
meg surprise party for gardener's husband - a friend of wilson's ma
so we chat college with increasingly inebriated local professors and academicians
take breaks to help jesse, fledgling geek, continue his web page

no in town blues for us, ben is only 20
his mom dad wilson ben and I persue trivia until the wee hours
wilson really reads like an announcer, ben rags on his mom, dr bill is a mellow smart guy

funny picture, can you find everyone? trivial

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