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29 may, 1996
early afternoon wakeup emerge to find
on the couch
playing backgammon
with an attractive, younger looking woman
seems to be a pretty universal dynamic - younger women and older men.

she jets eventually,
he and I spend the afternoon working finally get though to his service provider about turning on telnet, ftp access

chuck putes you see, I've been waiting for someone to come and show me how to publish
I mean I've been studying this net thing for weeks now but I need to meet someone

my arrival, no coincidences

so we draft a web page
therein he asks some basic questions

what are the beginner's mistakes
what you really don't want to do

I'm not used to initiatory pessimism, caution - seems like a time for unrestrained potential exploration and expansion
at least just doing stuff
but charlie, he likes to talk a lot, think about things

there's bread, if you'd like some toast or something,
and I bought some cheese

wonder bread and american

we did get a little something started online
I encourage him to experiment, like word processing in public

we're building with some wysiwyg html editor - ug.
you have so much control and power without, I'm stuck trying to find the mailto: tag in pulldown menus

end up typing it in by hand, and it doesn't turn out!
what use is that!
I feel outdated.

enough html and were lifestorying
this guy has journeyedman all over what measures success - had his own business
owned a seattle golf green currently suspended in city owned and mandated upkeep
started in partnership with a profitable and rawfitable relationship not recommended

dinner, you want some pizza? well, I'm in new orleans, I feel like I should have some regional cuisine
nick, if he were here, he would know of some hole in the wall place
but most of the good stuff is a little heavy on the wallet
so how about po boys

make mine oyster
and how about some beer? the darkest or weirdest they have. youth, college in vermont vietnam and revolution, right
some time as an outlaw
advice from professional captain billy:
never do any illegal thing more than three times
you'll develop a pattern

the way charlie talks
finishes each sentence with rhetorial okay
and answers many of mine with

I don't know about that deal, okay, but downtown matt brown old colinfriend downtown matt brown drops by
instant private school pervades the room - we scrubbed youth a majority

he's been here on summer bridge now considering between nyu's itp program or back to chicago for institute for learning sciences

the first more professional perhaps, people from broader walks of life a plus
the second he learns how to use computers in education where there is a great need, and his true interest lies
maybe he'll start a movement.
recommends engines for education web book with interactive frontend, written by the ego trippin' leader of the program.

exotic late night with charlie he mentions dowsing, pendulums
point in his life where he chucked it all in his car and let a rock on the end of a chain tell him where to go

getting into things, right
you can get answers from a lot of different sources
that lead him to his stolen car

didn't get to, but both matt and he recommend new orleans trees
nice to have natures as landmarks
some have mystical properties.

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