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4 june, 1996
amy and I roll around, she microcassette records some of my talk
misses others

story of my immediate dad death what happened who found him how I knew
musings on the nature of depression

she was sad she missed it
microcassette recorder imperceptable turn off

more where that came from.

amy's working on a soul project
what do you do with a dead persons's writings?
what did they write for?
amy mentions kevin's insight - there's our urge to know everything
pragmatism is asking what do they have to offer the world?

she recommends a course in miracles - marian williamson

walk through nearby to empty commune friends dwelling

bamboo patch nearby
I have an affinity for wood, that wood
I carry off a branch

drop off a video and we're heading toward martin bros
past tamale house, three african american gentlmen relaxing patioside
what's that you're wearing?

my sarong
capricorn come over for michael white to give to me a capricorn resource conservation speech
after I explain the free floating net giveaway with donations,
he sez you got to give some, but hold some back
touching tips of his fingers, palms inwards
that's right, create the desire so they'll buy more!
mean while I'm exchanging with this guy standing
his buddy seated is admiring amy

she's microcassette taping some of this, not really interacting with the lascivious lurker

upon parting, I ask,
mind if I take your picture?
guy in the white t sez

why don't you take a picture with her in my lap!


michael white is on the right.

at lunch and we touch on secrets
a weird exchange

some pepper floats in the sweet and sour sauce
"Amy, dare you to eat it"
what's my truth? she asks


so then the same question she asked me -

what's your biggest secret?
now or in life?
whoo boy.

this is good food, but if you're not oily/healthy

my time at the high time
brain bars high time tea bar and brain gym
amy has scheduled for me appear and talk chat meet
it's their second day
as the first coffee shop non-alcoholic bar in austin
in a new location

bars this has an outdoor cage seat area
we clearrange tables
few people start tripping in
meet I carson amyfriend
he listened to the radio last night
first thing he sez - gospel is extremely psychedelic

I can dig that
one point person perspective cloaked in normalcy
but deeply mystical weird perspective

spikebit sonia robot woman
spike prodigy ployed friend of dave dix
mellie monsterbit
two punk haircutted women together soon to kansas

wende + mel
looking for a way to stay in touch

space is fillined
I get me a wild orange herb tea
set it up on a stool at the friend end with my notebook, camera,
wait for silence not coming stand and stretch

and just introduce myself for about an hour mostly uninterrupted, interspersing life and internet illustrative stories

an old fan beau comes by and wants me to tell about

it's not much of a story, I guess
shocking initially, but not too much human entanglement
maybe I'm not telling it right

raize old media new media
sometimes I talked real fast other times kinda slow just keepin' folks goin, right
since I seen some sleepin' or not smilin' can't stop or

sometimes I just dropped the beat
everything's everything
no notes - a different kind of talk
thirty five, fourty folks - nice bunch

lein even roomie jeff showed up.

an hour and some people start wantin' hear themselves

and that's good
my throat's worn
and peoples wuz acutally smart
but I get in that place where I've been talkin' so long I think I know everything
got to keep quiet so conversation can change

high energy anticipatory anxiety, jason sez, good, keeps 'em on edge
bring them up real high energy converse and then drop off silence or question requesting feedback/interaction

preaching to the converted

dug out somebody invites me over for to fill my ollie dugout

drugz, no thanks.

trei challenging jeff
nearly untenable
idealism uppigance

you work for corporate media?
we all have, he admits

a group gathers groupin'

for don walser
three hundred some pound yodeling texan hoe down toe tappin' fiesta at jovita's
tellin' stories about lefty singer concert when he was young
passin a hat amongst the audience to get money for to bail lefty out for the show

it was so crowdd, I danced some in the back - hard with my toolbelt, camera

him and his steel guitar strung fiddlin' band keep me scrappin'

afterwards a proach and who is this guy looks from the stage folks
he's quite friendly he is
gracious don wasser

even plays in punk clubs
folks lahke heem.

thanks, trei, for taking that picture. don wasser

how does a moment evolve
jeff began loud computer peripheral and html technical discussion

I didn't
trei took him into the corner
over time he lowered his voice

I talked to sensitive sharp arron about woodworking

a reed educated
university of chicago almost literary PhD
furniture maker

they use beyond ebony heavy wood for ball bearings in propellers
it's so resinated it don't be penetrated by water, it don't rust

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