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29 april, 1996


dorf 5.30 am wakeup in a $315 dollar room.
after last night's dinn
50+ folks at 7am start
respeak for ndn

blonsky on 10 foot video
and seth is making more powerpoint slides

"how do we communicate?"

colin shows
and doug block

web page documentary,
affixing me with a wireless mike
not as fun as madeline kahn viv -
joy in folks outside news biz
perhaps more compelling
newspublishers creating culture attractive to the innovators

jean -
elvis impersonators figures
designed future
tape recorder invented for karaoke first
thrown away 486's to china will be used in new ways
new tools to hunt audiences
new audiences that defy old notion
seth intro - august start company now 19 folks

seth -
only one who notices I've been publishing as we speak
read up on my life
strange dynamic
fast moving net -
photo of a fast moving vehicle?
camera with a fast shutter

detail lost motion
camera with a slow shutter
lost detail but motion
more accurate
cleo finalists - duracell
what kind of company are you? advertising? softdevelop? publishing?
chuck martin - checking neighborhood ambulances on web - useful
qualified leads and targeted marketing
bringing directly to user info - wasteful model today
shifting audiences and identities
"advertorial" advertising sub internets
content, directory, personal, regional
how can you communicate with an audience moving all over the place
advertisers create publishers
strong and cohesive publishing
content works well as .com or as shrapnel

naah naah post speaking
q & a
jean of publisher participants
how'd you do that to your hair?
haven't brushed it since 1993.

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